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Washes are a multi-purpose product with limitless possibilities. Washes can be used alone or with any glaze from low fire (cone 06/05), mid-range (cone 5/6), and up to high-fire (cone 10). They are primarily used painted into textured areas and wiped away on the higher surface to accentuate the texture. 


When applied for full coverage, Cobalt Wash fires to a rich cobalt blue with a glossy finish. It can be used for stenciling, stamping, and silkscreening if it is layered with a stable transparent glaze. Sometimes even if a glaze is stable, there can be some blurring of the lines when the glaze is applied thick and it is fired in a vertical orientation. When used in combination, Cobalt Wash will add blue variation and some movement to the glaze(s). The amount of mobility produced when using Cobalt Wash in combination is dependent upon how much of each product was applied; how many coats of each and how many different products are being used; and the performance of the glaze it is being paired with. For example, layering Cobalt Wash with a glossy glaze that breaks over texture will create more movement than layering it with an opaque matte glaze It also works great when applied with a brush around the rim of a piece or applied with a glaze trailer in a pattern. . Applying clear glaze can lessen the appearance of staining.


Cone 6 oxidation (larger image): Cobalt Wash fires to a matte metallic finish that breaks green over texture. Can add mobility when layered with glaze(s).

Cone 06 oxidation (smaller image)Fires to lavender with a dry finish. Little to no movement when used alone or in combination.




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    SW-305 Cobalt Wash - 4oz

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